Nikolay Tsvetinov

Nikolay Tsvetinov
Meddling With The Code!

How We Created The University Course "Functional Programming With Elixir"

Nikolay will give the story of the Sofia University Elixir course. How the idea came to him, how he and his partners from created it, how they attracted students (it is an elective course). The story will also include what they talked about, ideas on how to create exams and mark work the sources used and what were the hardest things for them to achieve.


Talk objectives:

  • Show how they got the idea to create course.
  • Why they thought it was a good idea to do it.
  • How they made students write code through the semester.
  • Why they will be running the course again.

Target audience:

  • All fans of Elixir.
  • All developers interested in functional programming and teaching it to students.

Nikolay Tsvetinov (Meddle) has 12+ years of programming experience. He likes the mathematical side of programming, with interests in lambda calculus, combinators, category theory, abstract algebra, reactive programming and concurrency models. He's been coding everything web, from devops through back-ends and APIs to frond-ends and single page applications. He's been creating stuff in Java/Ruby/JavaScript/Elixir/Go and playing with Scheme, Haskell, Rust and Erlang. He currently works for TransportAPI, a London based public transport company in the UK. He authored "Learning Reactive Programming with Java 8" and created ProAct JavaScript reactive library as well as the Reacto Ruby reactive library. He is also the creator of the Blogit blog engine, written in Elixir. Nikolay is an active member of the Elixir community and is part of the organisation, which gives a "Functional Programming With Elixir" course at Sofia University and is part of the Bulgarian Elixir meetup community.

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