Gary Rennie

Gary Rennie
Phoenix Core Team Member

HTTP/2 Plug to Phoenix, Cowboy too

In this talk, we will look at the changes in Cowboy 2 and how we can use it with Plug and Phoenix by using a custom Plug adapter. We will look at how this can be done using a library and integrating it with Plug. The same technique will be applied to Phoenix, writing a custom handler in a library and using it with Phoenix. We will also explore how HTTP/2 can be used to build a new Phoenix Transport, allowing Phoenix PubSub to work with a bidirectional HTTP/2 channel. We will investigate how existing transports work, and what changes are required to implement a custom transport.


Talk objectives:

  • What's new in Cowboy 2
  • Looking at the internals of Phoenix and Plug
  • Exploring the relationship between Plug and its adapters.

Target audience:

  • Intermediate to Advanced

Gary is a member of the Phoenix core team, often found answering questions on Stack Overflow for the elixir and phoenix-framework tags. He is developer at VoiceLayer using Elixir and Phoenix full-time.

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