Evadne Wu

Evadne Wu
Software Troublemaker

How to Sell Elixir

Technical complexity is now a major cost of doing business and the Elixir/Erlang ecosystems offer appropriate tools to efficiently manage complexity. In its realisation we have built a product entirely based on this technology, and now have stories to share.


In this talk, Evadne will attempt to cover:


1. Their economic case for adopting this particular ecosystem, from both a development velocity point of view and a maintenance/cost point of view.

2. Problems they have faced and solutions they have come up with, both on an organisational level and a technical level, in realising the project.

3. Some ideas for technical leaders wishing to adopt Elixir for their next greenfield or brownfield project.


Talk objectives:

  • To provide the audience with an appropriate evaluation framework for candidate technologies (i.e. boss persuasion)
  • To provide a collection of anecdotes on our adoption of the Erlang/OTP and Elixir ecosystems for the benefit of the community (i.e. war stories)
  • To identify areas for further enhancement both within the technology stack, and around how the stack is enhanced. (i.e. work suggestions)

Target audience:

  • This talk is intended for technical team leaders and senior software engineers wishing to transition into a role with some more management responsibilities; it is also best suited for relatively small teams (5-25 developers) that have prior experience in developing web applications, since that is the audience who shall find the views most relatable.

Evadne is a London-based technologist with a passion for data visualisation and experience in technical management. She has experience in software architecture, application prototyping, and system operations management. Evadne presently serves as the Head of Exam Systems for Faria Education Group, which is an international education SaaS company with staff in UK, EU and USA.

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