Emil Soman

Emil Soman
Software Consultant at Codemancers

Turn Hours into Seconds - using Flow for Concurrent Processing

In this talk, Emil will be sharing what he has learnt from the most rewarding refactoring he's ever made in production code - one which turned an extremely slow sequential solution for an event processing and aggregation problem into a blazing fast and concurrent one using the Flow library.
He'll be going through a problem and the different iterations of the solution to the problem that will go from:


    1. Simple and non-thread safe
    2. Simple and thread safe but slow
    3. Concurrent and fast yet simple, using Flow


He will also be covering the basics of Flow as part of this talk.


Talk objectives:


  • For programmers who have been using locks for synchronizing threads to solve all concurrency problems, embracing message passing and creating concurrent data flows is an enlightening experience. This talk will help more programmers appreciate the beauty of message passing and take away some new ideas for approaching concurrency in their day-to-day work.

Target audience:


  • Programmers looking to learn the Elixir way of writing concurrent code and use it to build apps that run faster in production.

Emil is a software consultant at Codemancers with a passion for code quality and software that's well designed and tested. He has eight years of experience in writing software for domains like telecom and payment gateways. When not working, he helps organize local tech meetups and conferences in Bangalore.

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