Brooklyn Zelenka

Brooklyn Zelenka
Programs with functions λ♥

Witchcraft: Monads for the Working Alchemist

Witchcraft, Algae, and Quark bring several utilities to Elixir from other languages, enabling an easier, principled use of tools such as algebraic data types and monads. Witchcraft's goal is to feel fully idiomatic, and provide a gentle learning curve for learning the new concepts that it introduces. This talk walks through the library basics, demonstrates common use cases, and discusses some opportunities for integration with the existing Elixir ecosystem.


Talk objectives:

  • Demonstrate paradigms enabled (or made easier) by the Witchcraft suite of libraries and discuss some decisions made to make the library feel idiomatic for Elixir for those interested in pursuing similar projects.

Target audience:

  • Developers interested in bootstrapping their understanding of categorical/algebraic style of programming, Haskellers that work with Elixir, and anyone that wants to push the boundaries of the language.

Brooklyn is a founding partner at Robot Overlord Software, where she specializes in functional programming consulting and corporate training. She is the author of several Elixir libraries including Exceptional, Quark, Algae, and Witchcraft.   

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