Louis Pilfold

Louis Pilfold
Tank top enthusiast, incidental programmer

Build Your Own Elixir

A journey through the process of creating a language that compiles to the Erlang virtual machine.

Talk objectives:

  • Get a high level overview of the common parts of a compiler.
  • Learn how to use Leex and Yacc to turn our source code file into an abstract syntax tree.
  • See how we can generate Core Erlang from our abstract syntax tree and then load it into the VM.

Target audience:

  • Developers with with an interest in how Elixir and other BEAM languages are created. Some knowledge of Erlang syntax may be beneficial.

Louis is  a software engineer and minister for functional programming propaganda at Honeycomb TV. He divides his free time evenly between collecting terrible dance music, building programming languages, and working on open source tooling and libraries for Elixir.

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