Gabriella Chronis

Gabriella Chronis
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for day <- 365, do: ruby |> elixir

In August 2015, we made the switch from Ruby development to Elixir. Our team focuses on internal applications(ranging from a directory to data warehousing). This talk reflects the past year- over the projects, team development, and the architecture of moving from a Ruby-based ecosystem, to using Elixir almost exclusively.


Talk objectives:

  • Discuss what went well and what didn't about the transition. This ranges from technical (Integrating Phoenix with LDAP, deployment, etc) to organizational (paired programming, hack day projects, etc), we will also cover our future roadmap with Elixir.

Target audience:

  • Mentors, mentees,
  • Teams with a range of programming experience,
  • Elixir users of all levels,
  • Folks trying to convince their employers to make the switch.

Gabriella is a full time, full stack Elixir developer based in Portland, Oregon. She builds applications that aid and abet the business process, with a focus on external service integration. Off (and sometimes on) the clock, she experiments with natural language processing, especially vector space semantics. Her current labor of love is a computational model of metaphor understanding.

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