Claudio Ortolina

Claudio Ortolina
Head of Elixir @ Erlang Solutions

GenStage in the Kitchen

GenStage is the Elixir core team’s effort to provide a set of flexible, composable primitives for concurrent, demand-driven event processing.

Our use case is a restaurant simulation, with tables placing orders, a waiter, a chef and line cooks ready to prepare amazing dishes.
We’ll map GenStage’s core concepts to constraints in our restaurant simulation and see how our system copes by stressing its different components, isolating some useful principles along the way.

Talk objectives:

  • Understand GenStage’s primitives
  • Build an appetite

Target audience:

  • All levels

Claudio works as Head of Elixir at Erlang Solutions Ltd. He's a software engineer with more than 5 years of commercial experience in complex web applications and apis, with expertise in Elixir, Ruby, Elm and JavaScript. He previously worked at New Bamboo Web Development Ltd. (now part of Thoughtbot Inc.) in London, UK.

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